Mobile Experience

I started writing mobile apps in 2011 and was writing HTML5 apps well before that. Since Apple announced the Swift language in 2014, I now only write native apps for iOS in Swift.

The Distressed FX app running on an iPhone

Distressed FX

I wrote the in-app purchase module in Distressed FX and downloading content from Apple via in-app purchases. I also fixed many memory issues, crashes, UI bugs, preview filter, preview full image, save full image, import and crop from photo library, blur filter, adding and removing birds, file handling, iPad fixes and general stability. This app has had over 1 million downloads and has been featured on the Japanese Apple App Store

A TV with the timer running

Countdown & Meeting Timer

When Apple launched the new Apple TV in 2015, soon after I released an app for display on large screen TVs or projectors. It is completely written in Swift with no other libraries. It is available on the App Store on Apple TV.

The joosr app running on an iPhone


I was tasked with making an ebook reader, audio player and e-commerce store in one app by Joosr. It is targeted for the iPad and iPhone and is available on the App Store.

The duality app running on an iPhone


Written as a technical challenge in Swift, this iPhone app tracks your best and worst of the day. In 2017, it had a surge of downloads in China. It is available free on the App Store.


Over the years, I have deployed apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, worked with a number of APIs, and written a few apps of my own. My past work included working with Cordova (PhoneGap) and Titanium, writing apps in HTML5 and JavaScript.

In the past, I have worked on projects for a few large companies / organisations

and many smaller companies, working on QR code and NFC scanning, data visualisation, point of sale, APIs, back end user tools, SMS chat app, TV guide and customer feedback apps.

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