Mobile Experience

Since Apple announced the Swift language in 2014, I now only write native apps for iOS in Swift. I have serveral years experience with UIKit and I can write apps in SwiftUI also. I first started writing mobile apps in 2011.

In my freelance capacity, I have developed a number of applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. My role is to write Swift code, concept work for various screens, prototyping, translate designs to Storyboard using UIKit or with SwiftUI, handle certificates and signing, and deploy to the App Store. I have also managed in-app purchases, augmented reality, Face ID and Touch ID, memory, battery consumption, network calls, login screens, camera access, calendar access, photos access, audio and video playback, location, etc.

The Adrennial app running on an iPhone


I was the senior enginner tasked with creating a minimum viable product for a startup who was based in Australia. It was a social adventure sports video app. I single handedly delivered their first app to the App Store, which included a custom video player, networking via GraphQL and a machine learning library to prevent indecent media from being uploaded.

The duality app running on an iPhone


Written as a technical challenge in Swift years ago, this iPhone app tracks your best and worst of the day. In 2023 I rebuilt a number of screens in SwiftUI which seamlessly comunicates with existing UIKit screens. It uses Core Data for storage and contains no external libraries at all. It is available free on the App Store.

The Ami Archive app running on an iPhone

Ami Archive

Knowing their product very well, because I was working on their existing app, I was asked to produce a clean concept for a new imagining of the app they offered their users. I then carried out a complete rebuild from scratch. I developed an adaptive layout collection view for any size or shape of photo. Custom photo access, and a unique search. I also added an extra security option for Face ID or Touch ID. I'm especially proud of the fact that I only used imported libraries in a limited way, and the upgradable nature of the software architecture. It's a very stable product.

The watch app running on an Apple Watch

WatchOS App

I was asked to write a WatchOS app for a large fitness company with over 2.2M users. I created screen concepts for the various features they needed, wrote the whole app in WatchKit and worked with their developers to deliver user interaction and content via their existing API. It featured a stopwatch, exercise data entry via the digital crown, user roles and pagination. It also communicated back to the parent iPhone, but could also operate completely independently.

A TV with the timer running

Countdown & Meeting Timer

When Apple launched the new Apple TV in 2015, soon after I released an app for display on large screen TVs or projectors. It is completely written in Swift with no imported libraries. I update the app when I get free time. It is available on the App Store on Apple TV.

A blueprint of an app on an iPad screen

TV related iPad App

I am under a non-disclosure agreement as this project was for a large American media company, so can not show a screen-shot. I somewhat improved the architecture of this existing app for enterprise. As a result, I fixed many crashing bugs. I also improved usability, wrote a data manager, cut loading for search to a fraction of the time, fixed smooth scrolling on hundreds of media titles, and a much improved meeting and presentation functionality.

  • No link because this was an enterprise type internal app
The Distressed FX app running on an iPhone

Distressed FX

I wrote the in-app purchase module in Distressed FX and downloading content from Apple via in-app purchases. I also fixed many memory issues, crashes, UI bugs, preview filter, preview full image, save full image, import and crop from photo library, blur filter, adding and removing birds, file handling, iPad fixes and general stability. This app has had over 1.25 million downloads and has been featured on the Japanese Apple App Store, and was recently featured in the Today section of the App Store in more than one country. I recently did an update that allows it to download content from servers at Apple.

The selection screen for languages on iPad

Video Showcase

I built this in-house iPad app to showcase videos for a large car manufacturer. The iPad was housed in a display for the public to use in car showrooms. It is extremely stable and can run for weeks. It featured three languages and timers to reset itself if untended.

  • No link because this was an enterprise type internal app
The Aniphoto app running on an iPhone


One on my own apps written from scratch, Aniphoto allows you to add video animations to a photo. It includes camera and photo access, images filters, sharing to social media, and rotation and movement of the video element. Notable is the GIF output module I wrote. This app requires an update, so it is not on the App Store at the present time.

  • Awaiting update
A blueprint of an app on an iPad screen

Film related iPad App

I am under a non-disclosure agreement as this project was for a large American film company, so can not show a screen-shot. The architecture needed vast improvements to fix crashes and improve reliability. I fixed crashing bugs in multiple screens. Other tasks included mirroring to TV for film trailer and image slide playback, and I rewrote a cart ability that was simple and reliable to use.

  • No link because this was an enterprise type internal app
The joosr app running on an iPhone


I was tasked with making an ebook reader, audio player and e-commerce store in one app by Joosr. It is targeted for the iPad and iPhone and was available on the App Store.


Over the years, I have deployed apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, worked with a number of APIs, and written a few apps of my own. My past work included working with Cordova (PhoneGap) and Titanium, writing apps in HTML5 and JavaScript.

In the past, I have worked on projects for a few large companies / organisations

and many smaller companies, working on QR code and NFC scanning, data visualisation, point of sale, APIs, back end user tools, SMS chat app, TV guide and customer feedback apps.

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